NSS Special Camp Report -2018
Jun 19 2018

NSS Special Camp -2017-2018 Batch


National Service Scheme (NSS) Cell of Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sagayathottam has organized a One Week Special Camp at Uriyur Village, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu.

About the special camp

The NSS coordination team of Dr.R. Rajasekaran and  Dr. P. Puvila along with NSS student secretaries visited the village on April 2018 and met the key persons of the village viz. Mrs Rose dravidan, village president, ward members and other influential members of the community.  They discussed the plan of organizing special camp at the village. The plan and its utility were appreciated by the villagers and they agreed for the camp to be organized in the village from 07.05.2018 to 13.06.2018. After the confirmation was made, a meeting with NSS volunteers was called on 28.04.2018. In this meeting a brief presentation was made to the volunteers and plan for the camp was discussed.

Day one  07.05.2018 (Monday)

1.Transect walk

In this walk volunteers had to walk all around the village and prepared a route map for the village. It helped volunteers to get familiar about which road goes to where and who live where, etc. 

2. Cleaning of public places:

NSS volunteers actively involved in cleaning of public drainages to avoid stagnation which act as  breeding place for many flies and collected the plastic wastes in and around the village and disposed it into the non degradable dust bins kept by government. Weeds and wastes in water ways were cleaned by the volunteers. For hygienic water supply to village peoples the public well and drinking water tank was cleaned and bleaching power applied. The temple was also cleaned by the NSS volunteers.

3. Inaugural  function:

Inaugural function of the special camp for N.S.S Volunteers (2016-2017 batch) was conducted at Uriyur village, Vellore district.

            The function started at 9.00am with a prayer song presented by the NSS student volunteers followed by Ms. J.Flavina, NSS student secretary Mr. A. Jason Arockiam offered welcome address. Dr. A. Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA gave felicitation address. Mr. Dravidan Rose, village president gave a felicitation address. He congratulated the student volunteers, coordinating staff and management of the college. Inaugural function ended with vote of thanks delivered by   Dr. R.Rajasekaran, NSS programme officer.

Day two 08.05.2018 (Tuesday)

1.Awareness rally against ‘Open toilet use’ 

            The morning session started at 7.30 AM. All the NSS volunteers devotedly involved in conducting rally against open toilet use. The rally was initiated by Dr. R. Rajasekaran, NSS Programme officer with the slogans insisting the use of toilet and the NSS volunteers followed the slogans.

2.Rally on natural foods and drinks.

            Awareness rally on natural foods and drinks was conducted. Students actively involved in the rally by raising slogans on importance of natural foods and fruits suitable to the summer like cucumber, coconut, and other products of Palmyra. 

Day three 09.05.2018 (wednesday)

1.Awareness rally on ‘Global warming’:

An awareness rally on global warming was conducted in the morning of third day. Raising the slogans like save earth, green is clean, etc. And the students actively participated in the rally. Dr. P. Puvila, NSS Asst. Programme officer, participated and gave a short lecture at the end of the rally programme.

2.Literacy programmes for elders:

            Mr. M. Thangamuniyandi, Asst. Prof (Horticulture) coordinated the volunteers to educate the elders in the village. Volunteers passionately involved training the old people to write their name and respective signature. Eagerly all elders learned from NSS volunteers without hesitation.

Day four  10.05.2018 (Thursday)

1. Games for school children

In the morning session,   NSS volunteers organized games to the children in the public place of the village.  All the children were called and competitions organized. Games were conducted separately according to their age group. Running, frog jump, lucky box, bottle filling, lemon on the spoon were the games conducted in the session. The names of the winners at different game were noted and prizes distributed at the valedictory function.

2.Awareness programme on agricultural  loans

            Guest lecture on Creating awareness on agricultural loans and ‘Recent Developments in Banking Sector- An overview’ was organized on 10.05.2018. Mr. R. Gokul, Branch Manager, SBI, Thakkolam was the chief guest. He explained the different loans and procedures to avail the loans in detail in front of the students and farmers.

3.Guest lecture on ‘Agricultural Banking and its role on empowerment of rural masses

            Arranged Guest lecture on ‘Agricultural Banking and its role on empowerment of rural masses’ by Mr. V. Rajadurai, Deputy Manager, SBI, Thakkolam. He explained the special schemes and loans available to the rural poors and criteria to avail those loans in detail. The villagers actively clarified their doubts during the session.

4.Creating awareness on personal hygienic among school children 

            Evening session started at 3.00 pm. All the NSS volunteers and school students of the village assembled at one place and the session was conducted by Mr.C. Periyanayagasamy, physical Director. He conveyed the oral hygienic (brushing techniques) and hand washing viz., the single most important factor relating to the spread of infection, not just for children but also for the adults. Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before eating, after using the toilet, after handling animals.  The children were also trained on simple yoga.

Day five  11.05.2018 (Friday)


1.  Rally against plastic usage :

           Awareness rally against ‘use of plastics’ was organized on 11.05.2018. The rally was initiated by Mr. N. Kalidass, Asst. Professor (Agrl. Economics).Awareness programme on importance of social service among students and school children was organized on 11.05.2018 in the morning session of fifth day.  Mr.C.Periyanayagasamy, Physical Director was the chief guest. He gave a lecture on the importance of social services, roles and responsibilities of students , etc.

2. Guest lecture on pest management of major crops

           Dr. A. Kuzhanthaivel Pillai, Asst. Professor (Agrl. Entomology) discussed about farmers problems regarding pests management. Sucking pests are major concern regarding rose and bud borers in Jasmine.  Further he explained the symptoms control measures for the important pests on major crops. Finally he concluded with farmers’ interaction. Some farmers brought the infested flowers and corrective measures also recommended.

3.Consumer awareness programme :

            Mr. N. Kalidass, Asst. Prof (Agrl. Economics) gave brief lecture on consumer awareness to the farmers. He explained about quality product selection, ISI, AGMARK, Adulteration, ways to find out the adulteration, consumer rights, product expiry, etc.

4.Guest lecture on Soil fertility and soil health management

Dr.P.Rajamani, Asst. Professor (Soil Science) gave an introduction about fertilizer demand over the year in India and in the state. He also explained the different nutrient deficiencies and reclamation techniques in flower crops with pictures. Further, he explained the ways to improve the soil fertility and soil health.

5.Guest lecture on use of organic manures:

            The special lecture on organic farming was fleetingly given by Dr. P. Puvila Asst. Prof. (Agronomy). In this session the advantage of applying FYM, green manure and green leaf manure were clearly explained and she motivated the farmers to follow the crop rotation and growing pulses at each cropping system.

6.Fertilizer management in flower crops

After tea break, the session started with a special lecture on fertilizer management in flower crops by Mr. N. Vijayaragavan, Asst. Prof (Agronomy). In this session he explained the application of fertilizers from nursery to before harvesting.

Day six  12.05.2018 (Saturday)

1.Rally on organ donation.

              Awareness rally on organ donation was organized on 12.05.2018. Students actively participated in rally programme by raising slogans insisting organ donation. Dr. J. Raja Raja Chozhan, Academic Coordinator, DBCA gave a speech on importance  of organ donation .

2.Awareness programme on rain water harvesting

             Ms. Jhansirani, Asst. Prof (Agricultural Engineering) explained about importance of rain water harvesting and explained about methods of rain water harvesting in field level and also house hold level for improving ground water. Further, she explained different practices to be followed in field during the raining days especially drainage method, irrigation management, etc.

Day seven  13.05.2018 (Sunday)

1.Veterinary camp

                   All NSS volunteers announced the information of conducting veterinary camp in village to the individual home. Artificial insemination , vaccination and deworming of animals were done by Dr. Nagarajsn, Anandapuram Govt veterinary doctor, Vellore. The special lecture on Azolla growing technique, Panchakaviyam preparation methods was briefly explained by Doctor. More than 150 numbers of livestocks and birds were checked and treated based on the diagnosis.            

2.Valedictory function

                   Mr. Dravidan Rose , Village president, Uriyur village gave speech on the function and appreciate the students involvement on NSS special camp. Then, the felicitation address of special camp was given by Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai, Rector & Secretary, DBCA, Rv. Fr. Antonysamy, Secretary, SIARD, all the staff members of the college and key persons of the villege. The various cultural programme like group song, solo song, skid and group dance were performed by NSS volunteers and villagers


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