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Academic Programmes


Don Bosco College of Agriculture(DBCA), Sagayathottam, Takkolam in Vellore district is one among the affiliated colleges of the prestigious Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) rated as one of the Best Agricultural University in India by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. TNAU has permitted to admit students to DBCA offering a four year B.Sc (Agri) Degree programme from 2014-2015 onwards.

Since 1987, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University sanctioned a two year diploma programme in agriculture to the Sagayathottam Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development (SIARD) which has been running till date successfully. Both DBCARRD and SIARD are minority institutions managed by the Saletians of Don Bosco of Chennai province.

B.Sc. (Agriculture) courses

All the courses and academic programmes are followed as the instructions of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. For further details click the link below. http://tnau.ac.in/syll2011/AGRI.pdf  & Click to view 2017 Batch Syllabus


  • Mid Semester Examination: Writing the mid semester examination is a pre-requisite for writing the final theory and practical examinations. The mid semester examinations are to be conducted in regular classes. Students failing to write mid semester examination, will not be permitted to attend the classes further in the course concerned and they will be awarded ‘E’ grade.
  • Theory Examination: The final theory examination is to be conducted outside the working days of the semester. An examination schedule approved by the Dean and Controller of Examinations for the mid semester and Final examinations respectively shall be final.
  • Practical Examination: The Practical examination is to be conducted on the last practical class. The External examiners will be exclusively nominated by the Controller of Examination. If a student fails to write practical examinations, ‘F’ grade will be awarded if he/she has 80% attendance. The student has to appear for the reappearance examination.
  • Improvement and Reappearance: Improvement and Reappearance is permitted only for the final theory and practical examinations. The students are permitted to write the Improvement and Reappearance as and when conducted with the permission of Deans of colleges.

Evaluation of course work

Each course shall carry a maximum of 100 marks which may be distributed as follows:

A. Courses with practicals marks

a) Mid-Semester Examination 20
b) Final Practical Examination 40
c) Final Theory Examination 40
------ Total 100 ------

B. Courses with only theory or practical

a) Mid-Semester Examination 40
b) Final Semester Examination 60
------ Total 100

B. Evaluation pattern for practical examinations

a) Continuous evaluation and record 5 Marks
b) Viva Voce 5 Marks
c) Assignment 10 Marks
d) Practical work 20 Marks

Total 40 Marks

For detailed information on examination rules and regulations refer section on Rules and Regulations Academic Calendar Click to view . The academic calendar will be communicated for each semester by the Dean (Agri), TNAU, Coimbatore.

2014 Batch 8th Sem Academic Calender

2015 Batch 5th Sem Academic Calender

2016 Batch 3rd Sem Academic Calender

2017 Batch 1st Sem Academic Calender


Location Map


  • Don Bosco College of Agriculture,
    (DBCA) Sagayathottam
    Pudukkesawaram Village
    Takkolam, Vellore (Dist)
    Tamil Nadu - 631151
  • 9385201408
  • dbcamail@gmail.com